HGV Training & Licence Acquisition

Whether you are looking to kickstart your career in the logistics industry or seeking to upgrade your driving qualifications, our HGV training program is tailored to meet your specific needs and ambitions.

At our training centre, we boast state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse fleet of HGVs, allowing you to practice in a real-world environment under the guidance of seasoned professionals. We take great pride in delivering a comprehensive and hands-on training experience that goes beyond merely passing a test, focusing on building skills that will serve you well throughout your career.

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Why train to become a HGV driver with RED?

We have courses to suit all manner of licence acquisition requirements. Get in touch today!

CAT C1 7.5 Tonne

This course is for anyone looking to gain their LGV cat c1 7.5 tonne licence.

Prices start from £995.

Finance options available

CAT C1 + E

This is for anyone wanting to drive a C1+E (7.5 Tonne with trailer) Medium Goods Vehicle and trailer, and have passed an LGV medical, and LGV theory tests when doing a C or C1 course.

Prices start from £1,250.

Finance options available

Cat C (Class 2) Rigid

This course is aimed at those looking to acquire their C Licence.

Prices start from £1,400.

Finance options available

CAT CE (Class 1)

This course is aimed at those looking to gain their C+E HGV licence.

Prices start from £1,800.

Finance options available

HGV Medical

driving license application

The HGV medical is a mandatory test for anyone wishing to gain and hold an HGV drivers’ licence.

Price: £75

Theory Training & Tests

LGV theory training

Our complete guide to the LGV Theory Test has everything to ensure you pass first time.

Price: £60

Initial CPC

Driver CPC

Initial CPC is required if you want to drive a HGV professionally.

Price: £350

HGV Driver Training: What’s Involved?

Becoming a HGV driver isn’t just about getting used to driving a bigger vehicle. It’s about learning all the rules of the road, how to load and unload the truck safely, and how to handle tricky situations. Below is a breakdown of what’s involved in training to become a HGV driver.


Find out more about becoming a HGV driver

From honing your driving skills to obtaining the necessary licences, we’re here to guide you through the training options, licensing requirements and career prospects in the field of HGV driving.

What Licence Do I Need?

With a wide range of vehicle types and sizes falling under the HGV category, it’s crucial to understand which specific licence you need to legally and safely drive each type.

Cat C1 + E licence acquisition

The steps involved in becoming a HGV driver

We’re here to guide you through the step-by-step journey of becoming an HGV driver. From understanding the prerequisites and choosing the right training program to passing essential tests and launching your driving career

Are you a fleet manager?

If you are looking to acquire licences for your business/fleet we have a dedicated team to help you.
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Ready to start your HGV driver training course? If you’re considering becoming a LGV or HGV driver, you’ll find more useful information in our ‘What HGV licence do I need?’ and ‘How much do HGV drivers earn?’ guides. We can also advise you on the most appropriate licence category based on your career goals and the type of vehicle you wish to drive. We have nationwide training locations and offer competitive 4-5 day intensive HGV training courses. Contact us today to discuss your driver training needs and requirements.