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This specialised medical examination ensures that you are physically fit and healthy to operate large commercial vehicles on the road, safeguarding not only your well-being but also the safety of others sharing the road with you.

Price: £75

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When you apply for your provisional C1, C1E, C or CE licence, you will need to enclose a Medical Report. This is on a standard DVLA form, known as a D4, which has to be completed by a doctor. Any doctor can do this for you but to save the hassle of making appointments at a local centre near to you.

We will arrange for the D2 & D4 to be posted to you for you. We can guide you through completing the D2 form. The doctor will complete your D4 form. On completion of both forms, these need to be posted along with your current driving licence to the DVLA to apply for the provisional entitlement. If you wear glasses or contacts please be aware the doctor will ask you to take out your lenses;  you will need to bring along a recent prescription for your glasses/lenses.

The medical service is open to any new driver or drivers needing a renewal.

What you’ll achieve:

  • You will receive your completed D4 form, which can be posted off to the DVLA along with your completed D2 for to apply for you provisional entitlement.

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This package includes:

  • D2 & D4 posted to your home address
  • D4 medical appointment
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  • 15 mins
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  • You must be 18 or over
  • Have a UK car driving licence
  • You must bring your driving licence with you when going for your tests
  • Your photo card licence must be in date. New photo every 10 years.
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